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Project Results 

 Forest21 project aims to promote climate-smart forestry and entrepreneurial innovativeness in forestry education  that will lead to job creation as well as mitigation of climate change. It is implemented through reforming the curricula in forestry entrepreneurship  education to equip graduates with problem-solving skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and climate-smart thinking.

1 Project video 
2 Pedagogical training workshops 
2 Climate-smart forestry training workshops
2 Curricula development training 
5 Student Projects/Challenges 
Series of training held in 2022 with an overall theme on PBL training focused on an interactive route for climate smart forestry education. More than 50 faculty members trained 

What training particpants said

"In PBL learning method, the student and teacher relationship is more interactive and fruitful "

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Project Video 

more than 50

Teachers and faculty members trained on entrepreneurship integration in forestry curricula and problem based-learning methodology, 12 trainers

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more than 25

Staff and Faculty members trained in Climate Smart Forestry, 8 trainers

more than 195

Students participating in the methodology contextualizing /field challenges 150 South 
African Students, 45 European students  

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Project Publications Click here

Image by Brett Jordan
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